Using The Mail Application In Microsoft Surface

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With the release of Microsoft Surface, the software giant is hoping to gain a significant foothold in the tablet market. Until now, Microsoft had remained focused exclusively on software and has remained the leader far ahead of the others in the competition.

It seems that Microsoft wants to follow the example of Apple. Apple has been very successful in manufacturing and designing both hardware and software. In fact, it is often said that this is the secret of the very user-friendly design of the Apple products.

About some of the features of Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface loaded with the new Windows 8 operating system is a great product. It is very easy to install and set up and you can always contact the Windows Live technical support if you run in to any problems. One of the new cool features in the Microsoft Surface is the mail application.

The Windows 8 Mail App is a very handy mail application. Once you have linked all your social media accounts to the application, it automatically downloads and stores all your contacts and other information present in those accounts. This makes it easy for you to start using the application.

import-links to other email accounts

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If you have an internet connection, the mail application can be run in the ‘Live’ mode. This way you will receive up-to-date emails and notifications through the Mail App. The Mail App supports the email services from,,, etc. Your email account from any of these email service providers can be easily integrated in to the mail application.

The only drawback is the fact that, if you are using any of the unpopular email services apart from the above-mentioned few, it will be difficult to use the app for accessing those emails. There is a way to go around this problem.

Email service providers like Gmail and Outlook allow the users to set up import-links to other email accounts. In other words, you change your Gmail or Outlook settings to make sure that all the mails from your other accounts are imported to this account. Once you have done this, you can use the Mail App to access those mail messages.

These problems are likely to be fixed in the future. In fact, check the Windows Live technical support website to see if any fixes are available. Not counting this small inconvenience, the Windows 8 Mail App is one of the most user-friendly applications present in the Microsoft Surface.