Setting Your Password To Expire Every 72 Days

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If you use internet on a daily basis, you will surely have an online account. As you are aware, internet is a platform where your information is vulnerable to threats and your data can be hacked. Even an unknown hacker could access your email and send unwanted messages to the people in your contact list. These intruders will hack your email account and steal the sensitive information that you have stored. This shows how important it is to keep your password secured. You might have logged in from a public computer and might have forgotten to log out of your email account.

In order to avoid such a circumstance, you can try to change the password of your email account every 72 days and this makes the password expire in every 72 days and thus without your remembering for it, your email account alerts you to change the password when you try to login to your Hotmail account. This way of changing your password every 72 days will help you to keep your email account secured. You can prevent unauthorized access or intruders logging into your email account. You can make these changes using Windows Live Account that will help you perform this task by changing the password settings in Password and PINs menu. You can even perform the same by contacting Windows Live Help and Support team.


  • Log in to Windows Live Account.

    unauthorized access

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  • Select your name that is displayed on the top right corner of the Windows Live account. Now, select View your account that you find on the drop down menu.
  • Now select the Password and PINs link that you would find below Accounts heading.
  • Select the Change link next to which it shows Password.
  • You will find the field to enter your Old password. Provide your old password in that field. In the New password field, provide your new password. Retype your new password once again to confirm the same. Now put a check mark on the box which says Make my password expire every 72 days and select the Save button.

Once you make these changes your password will expire every 72 days and later on you will get message to change your password for your Hotmail account.

If you have any doubts regarding changing the password, you can contact Windows Live Help and support team for assistance.