Why Your Friend Is Absent In The MSN Contact List

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Windows Live Messenger is one of the chat tools used by millions of people all over the world to keep in touch with their loved ones. The earlier name of this program was MSN Messenger. This chat tool allows users to stay connected with their contacts using chats, video calls etc. You may add your friends who use the program to the contact lists. However, sometimes, you may not see your friends in the network. According to Windows Live chat support, there could be many reasons for this. Let us find out some of the most common reasons for this issue.

Absence of Windows Live profile

When you sign up to use the program, you will find options to create a Windows Live profile. This profile helps others to find out more about you. This Windows Live profile will include the list of friends you have in the contacts. Now, your friend who is not present in the contact list may not have created a profile for his Windows Live account. This is because the creation of Windows Live profile is not mandatory while signing up for the Windows Live account. Therefore, check with your contact, and find out whether he/she has created a Windows profile.

Failure to add contact to friends list

Sometimes, you might have initiated a chat session with your friend without adding him to your friends list. Therefore, when you try to chat with this person again, you will not find him in your network, as you have not added this person. Therefore, make sure that you add him to your friends list. The privacy settings of the other person might also be set in such a way that only the person’s friends can view his profile.

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Windows Live Messenger program allows you to customize your privacy settings in numerous ways. One of the methods allows you to choose particular friends in the contact list to view your profile. If the other person has not added your profile to this list, you cannot view his/her profile. Therefore, check with the other person whether you are present in this list or not.

We have discussed the common reasons why a friend’s profile is absent in the contact list. Find out which of the causes mentioned above is preventing you from seeing your friend in your contact list. For additional assistance, you may contact Windows Live chat support or our technical support team.