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I own a laptop installed with Windows 7 operating system and I have installed Windows Live messenger in it, to connect to my friends. One day, I had to do an urgent video call, and so I decided to connect a webcam to Windows Live messenger so that I can have a comfortable video call session.

However, I was failed and was in a situation where I did not know what to do. However, I was able to fix it somehow with the help of my friend and I was able to have an uninterrupted video call. Have you ever faced such an issue? If so, read on to know more on the same.

What Is Windows Live Messenger?

It is an instant messaging program that is owned and released by the tech giant Microsoft for the Windows users. By using the Windows Live Messenger, it is possible for a user to communicate with other people all over the globe. Moreover, it includes an additional feature where you will be able to send video messages and video chats with your friends, if you have an inbuilt webcam in your desktop or laptop. In addition, you can synchronize hotmail and Windows Live email accounts, so that you will be informed whenever a new email comes.

Follow the below listed instructions given by the Windows Live chat support team to successfully connect a webcam using Windows Live Messenger.


  • Switch on your computer and wait until it boots completely. Now you need to connect the webcam to the available USB ports, in case if your laptop or PC does not have an inbuilt webcam.
  • Now, you need to click the Start seen in the lower left corner of your Windows desktop screen and start the Windows Live Messenger application in your computer. Once the application is opened, login to it by using the Windows Live account.

    Windows 7 Operating System

    Connect Webcam Using Live Messenger

  • To reveal the Windows Live Messenger menu bar, press the Alt key on your keyboard. From the menu bar, click on Tools and select the option called Set up audio and video devices.
  • Once done, click the Next button and check whether the Webcam is connected properly or not.
  • If the webcam is properly connected, login to the Windows Live account and start making video calls with your family and friends.

The above mentioned points provided by the Windows live chat support team will help you to successfully connect a webcam in Windows live Messenger application.