Mozilla Resets Incorporated For Firefox 25 And 26

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The Mozilla developers are out with the development version of the upcoming two releases of the open-source Firefox web browser. Firefox 25 is in the beta channel of Mozilla and follows the release of Firefox 24 last week. In the desktop version of Firefox 25, bug fixes top the list of items and regular users are likely to notice this change.

“Reset Firefox is a feature we recently added to Firefox to allow our users to restore Firefox to a pristine, freshly installed state,” Jonathan Nightingale said. He also added that in order to make the rest as easy as possible, Firefox would preserve the bookmarks of the user and other aspects of the browsing profile of Firefox. Mozilla Firefox Help center will provide troubleshooting tips to fix any issues that users come across.

More On Firefox 26

Going out further into the development cycle, Firefox 26 is in the Mozilla Aurora channel currently. This is essentially an alpha development release. In the Firefox 26 notes, one new item is titled All plug-ins in Firefox, with the exception of Flash plug-ins, are defaulted to ‘click to play’. This new feature is something Mozilla has been talking about for more than a year.

“Plug-ins are a shrinking piece of the Web, and that’s a good thing; they can cause significant stability and performance issues and are a consistent security risk,” Nightingale said. He added, “That’s why future versions of Firefox will treat all plug-ins as disabled until our users explicitly activate them with click-to-play.”

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More information on this is posted on the Mozilla Firefox Help module of the Firefox web site. Currently, when a user visits a page where the plug-in is required, it is automatically activated by the content on the page. This does not require any interaction from the side of the user. Plug-ins may include media players like QuickTime and Flash players and media enabling technologies like Java. The growth of HTML 5 as a way to deliver media is causing a steady decline in the use and need of media plug-ins.

Firefox 25 is scheduled to be released on Oct 29, whereas the Firefox 26 will move into the beta version the same week. The Firefox 26 will be generally available before the end of this year. To know more about the Firefox 25 and 26, you can contact the Mozilla Firefox help and support team. The Mozilla Firefox help technician will provide you with the necessary information.