Windows Live help to disable the welcome screen of live messenger

Windows live messenger is a product of Microsoft which allows users to engage in instant chatting using their Windows Live ID. The Windows Live messenger comes with a lot of attractive features like album viewer, social networks integration, offline messaging, games and application etc. Since this messenger is a part of Windows Live’s set of online services, Windows Live help is always available to its users for it.

Whenever you sign into the messenger, you will be greeted with a pop up called “Windows Live Today”. This pop up welcomes you online and will also display all the latest news and hot gossips for the day. Even though this pop up contains useful information, some users may find it very annoying. This article will provide you with instructions from the Windows Live help team to annoyed users, so that they can disable the welcome screen in the messenger.

Disable the welcome screen by following these Windows Live help guidelines.

According to the Windows Live help team, disabling the welcome screen is a very simple process. Just follow through these really simple steps.

1. The first step in this Windows Live help procedure is to launch the Windows Live messenger.

2. Now, hit the icon labeled “Show Menu”.

3. Continue this Windows Live help procedure by selecting “Tools” and then “Options”. Select sign in on the left.

4. Now, uncheck the box which says “Show Windows Live Today after I sign in to Messenger”.

5. Hit the “Apply” button and “OK” to end this Windows Live help procedure.

If you have successfully completed these Windows Live help instructions, then you won’t be seeing the welcome screen next time when you sign in to the Live messenger.