Windows Live help to set firewall to allow Windows Live Messenger

Firewalls protect your computer and Internet network from malicious attacks, hijackings, viruses and unauthorized network traffic. Most computer operating systems are equipped with built-in firewalls. However, you may also install a separate firewall with Windows Live help.

Windows Live help assist you to verify that your computer is running a firewall program

If you’re using a Windows OS, your computer must have a built in firewall. Windows Live help team says that you can verify whether this is enabled by clicking on Start->Control Panel->Security Center.

See if firewall is On or Off. If it is Off, you can re-enable it by clicking “Recommendations” and “Enable now”. Windows Live help team says that you can also install a firewall software program onto your computer or purchase a router, which is a piece of hardware that includes firewall protection and is attached with your computer and internet modem.

Windows Live help to copy the location where Messenger is installed
To add an exception to your firewall that will enable you to run Windows Live Messenger, you will need to know the exact name of the file and its location on your computer. To identify this, the Windows Live help crew advices you to go to Start->All Programs->Windows Messenger. Next, select “Properties”. A dialog box will appear showing the location. The name of the file is in the “Target” field. Right-click to highlight and copy it. Windows Live help team advices you to paste the exact location into the firewall program.

Windows Live help to add an exception to your firewall to unblock Windows Live Messenger

Follow the Windows Live help instructions.

  • Start->Run->type “control firewall.cpl.” In recent Windows versions, select Control Panel->Allow a program through Windows Firewall”.
  • Click Add Exception-> Add Program. Cut and paste the location you copied. Click OK
  • If you are running another firewall program or protecting your computer through a router, you will need to open that program and click “Add an Exception” or a similar command according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Windows Live help team asks you to launch the Windows Live Messenger to ensure the exception was done properly. For this, click Start->All Programs->Windows Live Messenger. If the program fails to execute properly, Windows Live help technicians’ advice that you re-install the Messenger. Right-click on the program and click “Uninstall.” After the program is uninstalled, go to the website to download the latest version.