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Windows Live Solutions Center transformed consumer support for Windows Live products.   With the help of Windows Live help, people have slowly turned to Live products, and understand the benefits of having a Live account. Research shows that customers want a faster and easier way to find timely & accurate Windows Live help with Live products. This is why the Windows Live Solutions Center was established- a solutions portal with direct access to support resources and agents helping users find answers, fast.

Microsoft introduced the Solution Center for improved user experience.  Customers are provided with direct access to support sources.  The best thing about this community forum is that you can find, share, and use information which can resolve Windows live issues.

Live helps to organize your email, calendars, and contacts all in one place. Windows Live help has applications for your PC, the web and your phone to stay in touch with people who matter most from anywhere. Windows Live help has a set of services and software applications from Microsoft, which is part of their software service.

The Windows live help team relies on feedback from customers from different sources, which include usability studies on the latest designs, surveys of Hotmail members, the Hotmail feedback link and various other sources. Windows live helps to prioritize which new features to add and avoid, the major concern will be on how to make Hotmail easier to use, and to identify problems and resolve them, as soon as possible. Or else they will block you from using Hotmail.  Windows Live help provides customizable out-of-the box solutions for relevant Web schemes.

A blog isn’t the solution to every problem. Windows live help aims to establish an open relationship with customers to solve existing issues on their account.

What is the benefit of using the Solution Center?

  • It provides quick answers to general questions like “How to stop receiving SPAM”?
  • Tries to provide solutions that you face with hotmail.
  • You can exchange tips and solutions about issues that you face with hotmail users.

The Solution Center is the right place to report a problem and get reliable Windows Live help.