Help to change the language settings in Windows Live Messenger

The Windows Live Messenger program is a new and modified version of MSN instant messaging service. However, the Windows Live Messenger software does not have an option to directly change the default language settings. The Windows Live help team recommends certain steps to resolve this issue.

Windows Live help instructions

The Windows Live help team points out that the software must be first uninstalled from the computer in order to use a language other than English. After uninstalling the software, install a separate version with the language that is preferred.

1) Click on “Start” menu à select “Control Panel”à double-click the “Programs and Features” button.

2) Click “Publisher” tabàscroll down and click “Windows Live Essentials”àclick “Uninstall”. The Windows Live help team notifies that this will uninstall the software.

3) The Windows Live help team also insists you uninstall “Windows Live Sign-In Assistant” and “Windows Live Upload Tool.” by repeating the above steps.

4) The Windows Live Help team then instructs to open the Web browser. Visit the Windows Live Messenger download page and download the latest version of the Windows Live Messenger program.

5) The Windows Live help team insists you scroll down to the blue box. This is situated at the center of the window that lists program details.

6) The Windows Live help team then instructs you to click on the drop down button at the bottom of the blue box. This box is labeled as “Change Language”. Select the language that is preferred from the menu. Click on the “Change” button to change to the correct version of the software.

7) Now click on the “Download” button located at the top of the blue box. When the downloading is complete, open the installation file and follow the installation instructions. This will install the Windows Live Messenger software.

The above steps provided by the Windows Live help team are highly recommended to change the language in Windows Live Messenger.