Chatting In Windows Live Messenger With A Gmail Account

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Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging service from Microsoft. It is designed in such a way that it works flawlessly with the Windows operating system. Like every chat client does, Windows Live Messenger also lets you chat with your friends and family member in real time. All you need to do is turn the internet on, open the messenger, type your username and password and click on Sign In. On the other hand, users also have an option to sign in automatically when the computer turns on.

Have you ever wondered whether it would be possible to use your Gmail address to sign into Windows Live Messenger? If not, follow these instructions to do the same, which only has some simple steps. You will be able to chat without any issues even if it is a Gmail account. To chat with the Gmail address, first you will have to add the user credentials. Get to know more about the different options available through the Windows Live Chat Support desk.


  • Go to Create Credentials online sign up form in Windows Live ID.
  • In the email address field, enter the Email Address.
  • Enter the Password in the Password filed. You will have to Re-Type the password once again.
  • To ensure that the account is secure, you can set a Security Question and answer the question you choose. When you forget your password, or if you face some other issues with the password, the security question will be helpful. In such cases, enter the Answer for the security question; enter the Code for validation and then click on Continue.

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  • In the next page, enter your Email Address once again. Next, you will have to select the I Agree button.
  • Now sign into your email address, you will have an email that will be pending for confirmation. Open the email and Click on the link in order to confirm. This will direct you to another website.
  • Next click on the Continue button.
  • Now open the Windows Live Messenger. Sign in with the Gmail Email Address and the Password that you just created.
  • You can chat with your friends right away.

With the help of our Windows Live chat support desk, you will be able to get solutions for any issues that you face with the Live messenger client. Windows Messenger has many interesting features apart from allowing chatting from a Gmail account.

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Dark Souls' GFWL Refugees Can Migrate To Steam Soon

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As you know very well by now, From Software aren’t the kind popular for lobbing out lifebelts, but it seems that has changed now. They are offering the best they can for the owners of ‘Dark Souls: Prepare to Die’ edition. The game developers have recently made it really possible for gamers to move their copy of the game, including the saves and achievements, from Microsoft’s uncertain and infamous Games for Windows Live platform (GFWL) to the famous Steam platform. GFWL was never popular; the Windows live support forums are flooded with complaints concerning the gaming service.

This will happen very soon and GFWL users can be happy about the fact that they will be able to transfer various Dark Souls characters, progress and achievements to their current Steam accounts. The only disappointing thing can be that GFWL rankings will not be transferred. The specific migration dates and additional information on the migration and transfer will soon be shared with users.

Games for Windows Live players need to redeem GFWL tokens on Steam for getting the Dark Souls for free. The users will see a guide for locating keys, which is outlined on the support page. The players can use the tokens even after the migration period ends, but it may happen that the game save data and achievements transfers will not be possible; that’s a bummer.

In this Windows live support article, we would like to remind you that the announcement of the migration follows Bandai Namco’s promise in the month of May that it was looking into various other services in order to keep the Dark Souls game alive. This was a few months before the service was due to be shut down. You might be aware of the rumor that the GFWL service would stop on July 1, 2014. This announcement first came up on the Age of Empires Online blog many months ago.

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Many developers and publishers then started offering migration options for their games. For instance, Batman: Arkham Origins, offered migration option from GFWL to different platforms. The Redmond based software maker had issued a statement a few months ago denying that it was shutting down the service and as the software company says, they are “committed to investing in PC gaming.”

The Dark Souls game initially launched on Windows powered PCs two years ago. What’s really not clear is that why Bandai Namco previously insisted that Dark Souls would remain “functional” on GFWL for the “foreseeable future”?  What has really changed here, and why exactly, nobody knows.

Overall, it’s good news for Dark Souls’ players. Enjoy the game in Steam.

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Capcom Moves Windows PC Games To Steamworks Platform

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Windows Online Support

The video game developing firm, Capcom, is modifying some of the best Windows PC games like Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Resident Evil 5. According to Windows live support, the games are being modified for the Valve’s Steamworks. The announcement was made in a blog post by Capcom Unity.

According to Capcom, the firm is moving the games to Steamworks platform due to the rising popularity of the platform. The company says that with this move, more fans from across the world will be able to play these games. The move is expected to happen by the beginning of next year.

Earlier this year, Capcom had moved the game Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition to Steamworks. It was well received all over the world. The latest release of the game, Ultra Street Fighter 4, which was launched on PC, was moved to Steamworks support. However, it is interesting to note that some of the Capcom published games like Lost Planet 2, Street Fighter X Tekken etc. are still based on Games for Windows Live technology.

Majority of the developers are moving their games from the Windows Live platform as the software giant has announced that it would be soon shutting down the Windows Live Marketplace for games. This means that the online gaming service could see an end any time soon. However, Microsoft has made it clear that it would still be providing support for these games.

Windows PC Games

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A statement released by the company says, “Although customers are unable to purchase new games from the marketplace or receive title updates, they can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading them through the Games for Windows Live client as usual.”  The statement further reads, “We remain committed to investing in PC gaming in the years ahead, and look forward to sharing more in the future.”

Games for Windows Live were launched seven years back. With the service, Windows PCs can connect with Microsoft Live service. Each user will be provided a Gamertag and users will be able to play the games online, view the status of friends etc. Microsoft made the service available to third party developers right from the launch of the service.

However, with the new decision from Microsoft, we might soon see more developers moving out of the platform. For further information on this news, you may contact Windows Live Support and avail assistance.

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Microsoft Asks Its 100 Million Chat Users To Move To Skype

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In one of their recent press releases, Microsoft announced that they are now dropping their instant messaging program. This is to make the users of their instant messaging programs switch to the Skype program. Many of the experts in the field came to the conclusion that the Live Messenger service from Microsoft made little sense after they bought Skype previous year. Skype said in one of their posts that messenger and Skype are coming together. The recent version of the Windows Live Messenger program is now discontinued and the 100 m users are asked to switch to Skype service. This information was confirmed after contacting the Windows Live chat support team.

Switching to Skype offers great advantages to the Windows Live Messenger users. They will be able to video call or instant message their contacts and friends in Windows Live Messenger. The latest version of the Skype program that was released recently offers the capability to sign into the program with a Microsoft account. Microsoft says that by joining the two accounts, the users will not need to maintain different lists of contacts. With the changes in the Skype program, Microsoft has found more use for social networking and text messaging.

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As per the Microsoft executives, those Messenger users who switch to Skype will get the added advantages like the capability to call mobile and landline phones and improved support on the mobile devices. Messenger will be discontinued, except from the mainland of China. Tony Bates, who is the chief of Skype division, cited Facebook as a growing service. Facebook is hoping to quadruple the number of users to reach a billion. There are many Skype features on Facebook. One of the features allows multi person conversations. Another feature is the presence of a Camera icon. The users can click on this icon to initiate a one-on-one video call with contacts.

We all know that by making use of the Skype program, we will be able to make free or low cost calls over the Internet. This is done by bypassing the telephone network and channeling the video and voice calls. Making International calls over the Internet with the Skype program is very economic and beneficial to the various businesses. If you would like to know more on this news, you can contact the Windows Live chat support team. They will be able to provide you more details on this.

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Resolve Xbox 360 Controller For Windows

Windows Support Instructions

Windows Support Instructions

It is known that Xbox 360 controller allows Windows users to play Xbox games in their computers. But sometimes, you may experience some issues while doing so. This Windows Live chat support article aims to help you deal with any such issues.

What to do

First, you should make sure that your Windows system meets with the specified requirements for supporting Xbox 360 controller. Check which version of Windows you are using; note that the Xbox 360 controller for Windows is developed and designed to function on Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) and newer versions only.

The next thing you need to look at is whether you have installed the required Xbox controller software in your computer. Also, the Xbox 360 controller needs a special driver component to work on a Windows PC. If you do not have the driver software installed, download the same from the Microsoft’s Xbox support site.

You will also need to check whether your controller’s device drivers are up to date. If not, you need to update the device drivers too. You can find the latest drivers for the Xbox 360 controller for Windows available on the Microsoft website, listed under the Software Downloads section. You should also download and install any critical or important updates to Windows OS by running Windows Update tool.

Sometimes, the problem can be with the USB. So, try connecting the controller to a different USB port, and check if that works. It is

Windows Live Help

Windows Live Help

best not to use USB hubs, as incompatible ones can lead to issues as well.

If you are using Windows 8, enter View Devices and Printers in the Start Screen, and click on the option on the results page. Check that the Xbox 360 controller appears under Devices section, right-click on the entry, and select Game controller settings. Thereafter, check the status of the controller, and click on the Properties button. Here, you can use the Test option and check whether the controller works properly with your computer.

These are the things to do, if you face any issues with your Xbox controller on Windows. However, if you cannot resolve the problem on your own, contact Windows live chat support team for assistance. Call on the toll-free number appearing on top of this page for quick assistance from our team of experts.

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