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If Outlook takes a long time to load, it could be due to reasons like piling up of data in the inbox, corrupted PST files in the drive, slow internet connection or virus infection. In order to fix the slow loading issue, you need to diagnose the causes of the issues and address them. Microsoft has integrated a few Outlook repair options with the application to help users troubleshoot the issues without much hassle. In this article, you will find the steps for executing the built-in Outlook repair tools to troubleshoot frequent Outlook issues.


Outlook is an email client application. It allows you to set up as email accounts in it as you wish. If you have set up multiple email accounts in Outlook, it will have to store all the emails it receives from all these accounts in its local folders. By default, Outlook stores up to 2GB of data in its local folders.

Once your Outlook data size exceeds this limit, Outlook will start slowing down. To fix this issue, archive old email messages you have in your Outlook inbox. Once the older emails are moved from the main inbox to the central email archiving facility, your Outlook application will load up fast. Read the following steps carefully to learn how to archive email messages in Outlook.


  • Open your Outlook application and navigate to the Tools option that is located at the top menu bar.
  • Choose Options from the menu followed by Auto-Archive from the consecutive dropdown menu.
  • Initially, you will be prompted to choose the email messages you want to archive. Select the email messages that you want to archive and follow the on-screen directions to complete the task.

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  • Once you have enabled auto-archive in Outlook, the application will periodically archive email messages from your inbox. You can set the time frame as you wish.

Registry Cleaner

Outlook can slow down due to corrupted entries in the Registry. As long as these entries exist in the Registry, you will have trouble loading your application. To fix this issue, execute an authentic Registry Cleaner application.

Most of the Outlook problems are repairable. Some of them can be fixed instantly with the help of the inbuilt Outlook repair tools while others need to be fixed by executing external tools. For more details on the inbuilt repair tools in Outlook and working tutorials, visit the Outlook help forum.

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Get Rid Of Unnecessary Adware In Windows Live Messenger

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Although there are numerous instant messaging applications, people prefer Windows Live Messenger to them because of its long existence and wider acceptability. Perhaps, almost everyone who uses Windows operating systems in their PCs use Windows Live Messenger for instant communication. Using this simple but highly feature-rich chat app, you can keep in touch with most number of friends, colleagues or family members. In addition to its primary capabilities such as instant messaging, voice chatting and video conferencing, Windows Live Messenger lets you share documents, photos and videos.

Adware Windows Live Messenger

By default, Windows Live Messenger does not include any adware in it. However, the program can integrate adware if a user chooses to. Sometimes, you might click the option to enable adware in your Windows Live Messenger by accident. Once the adware is enabled in Windows Live Messenger, the application will start displaying unnecessary ads from multiple programs and web based services. You can easily be annoyed by this. Therefore, it is advisable to disable the adware program as early as possible. According to Windows Live chat support, uninstalling the adware in Safe Mode is the simplest and best method. Here are the steps.


  • Restart your PC if it is currently running.
  • Press down F8 key on your keyboard when the PC is being restarted. This will take you to the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Navigate to the Safe Mode option by using the down arrow key on your keyboard. Hit the Enter button to start your computer in Safe Mode.
  • When the PC is started in Safe Mode, the adware program won’t be enabled. So, it is easy to uninstall the program from the application.

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  • To uninstall the adware program, navigate to the Start button and select Control Panel from the resulting menu.
  • Choose Programs and Features followed by Programs.
  • A list of the applications on your PC will be displayed now. Browse through the list until you are able to locate the adware program in it. Once located, highlight it and select the Uninstall option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the removal process. Once the adware is successfully removed, restart your PC in normal mode.

The above steps must have helped you disable/uninstall adware from your Windows Live Messenger. In Windows Live Messenger, you can find different options to customize the application to streamline its performance and features. You can contact Windows Live chat support agents for more information in this regard.

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How To Help Your Customers Upgrade To Windows 7

Windows 7

         Upgrade To Windows 7

Windows-7 was the most successful operating system released by Microsoft after Windows XP. In fact, even after so many years after its release, it still holds the first position in the computer market share ahead of Windows XP. With the end of support for Windows XP, it is expected that more users will move to the Windows 7 OS rather than upgrading to Windows 8 because the latter has a new user interface and a Start screen, which is quite confusing for many users.

Most of the ATMs and banks use Windows XP OS and with the end of support, these banks are looking for an alternative and the recent survey conducted by ATMIA suggests that nearly 15 percent of credit unions and banks are looking for an upgrade to Windows-7 as soon as possible. This indicates the fact that most of the ATMs around the world are still running on outdated operating systems. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with it if you are not moving your machine from XP to Windows-7. They are,

  • If you are still using the Windows XP OS, you will no longer receive any updates or software support.
  • If you are using the non-upgraded OS, then there is more chance that the hackers will get in to your system and steal all the important data.
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Therefore, to protect the system form viruses and hackers, it is necessary to upgrade your machine from the Windows XP OS to Windows 7.

If a bank runs on Windows XP OS and if it has options and budget to upgrade to another OS, then it would be apt to upgrade its ATM machines. Therefore, to help the end users with Windows-7 migration, cost effective upgrade solutions are necessary. To help substantially reduce hardware costs associated with upgrades, it is best to enquire about the high quality refurbished parts from the independent parts provider. Moreover, you should get the parts, which can be used for complete upgrades, which in turn makes the upgrade less expensive and easier.

Hence, in order to help the customers to move to Windows 7, it is necessary to provide the customers with affordable hardware upgrade options. To know more regarding the upgrade to Windows-7, contact our Microsoft support team.

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Installing MSN Messenger In Windows Vista

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         Live Help For Windows

MSN Messenger is a free instant messaging program from Microsoft, which lets users chat with their friends and families all over the world. Microsoft promptly releases new updates aimed to increase the functionality and features associated with its software and services. Therefore, it is always important that users stick with the latest version, as it will offer more functionality to the users. Installing Windows Live messenger or MSN messenger is easy. All you have to do is to just follow the given below instructions from the Windows Live help team.


  • By opening any of your browsers, you need to navigate to the official website of MSN.
  • At the top of the homepage, you will see a link called Messenger- click it. Now, under the icon named Windows Live Messenger, you need to click the link called Download. Now, you will be navigated to a web page, which will help you to get easily started with MSN messenger.
  • From the drop down menu in step two, you will see an option labeled Windows Live Messenger. You need to select this option after choosing your current location described in step one. Now, you will be asked to either Save or Run the application.
  • Allow the Messenger to download by clicking the option called Run. Now, it will take some time to download and it depends upon the speed of your internet connection. If the screen displays a prompt called Do you want to run this software, you need to click the option called Run again. Click the button called Next to install the Windows Live Messenger on your computer.

    Microsoft Support

             Windows Help

  • Next, you need to check mark the box that is labeled I Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement followed by checking the necessary boxes from the option called Additional features and settings. Now, the Windows Live Messenger application will be installed in your system. When a message called Windows Live Messenger Has Been Installed flashes on your screen, you need to click the button called Close.
  • To make sure that MSN Messenger works fine, you need to open the application. Then log in to the messenger by using your Hotmail username and password.

These instructions from the Windows Live help team will help you to install MSN Messenger on your Windows computer. For more on this, contact our Microsoft support number.

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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 7 OS

Windows 7

        Features Of Windows 7

When Internet Explorer 11 was first released, it was only available to the Windows 8.1 users. However, Microsoft has now released the browser for Windows 7 computers, a move that was eagerly anticipated by majority of the users. Internet Explorer 11 will be available in 95 languages. Microsoft is all set to release the updates for the browser in the following weeks. These updates will be available not only for Windows 7 users but also for release previews and also for IE11 developers.

According to the software giant, the new operating system comes with some major enhancements in speed and features. Microsoft says that the new operating system will run 30 percent faster than its competitors. It is interesting to note that Microsoft has not relied on synthetic benchmark scores this time. Microsoft also says that the new version of the browser will run 9 percent faster than its predecessor IE 10. The browser is also designed with an improved algorithm, which will help you to open frequently accessed websites more quickly. You will also find editing controls in the browser that allow you to preserve formatting the browser from other apps.

If you are using any of the portable devices like a laptop, then you might find the new version of Internet Explorer much more helpful. This is because Microsoft claims that the browser is much more efficient than its competitors and predecessors. This will help you to save battery life. Keep in mind that one of the programs, which you will use most in your laptop could be your internet browser. Now, when you have a browser that takes less power, you might find it to be much helpful.

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         Windows 7 Installation

Other improvements in the browser include enhanced support for HTML5. With this, you would no longer need many plug ins, which are necessary to open a few websites. Other features of the browser include support for bandwidth-optimized streaming, rights management and closed captioning. The new Internet Explorer for Windows 7 is also designed to support 25 new web standards. Keep in mind that this is in addition to the already supported standards in IE10.

The new browser could also help you with secure browsing. According to Microsoft, the browser is capable of finding out unsafe WebGL content. So, if you are a Windows 7 user, download the latest browser for your operating system and experience the various enhancements integrated in it.

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