Spartan Web Browser Out With Latest Windows 10 Build

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Windows 10 Build 10089

The Spartan web browser has finally hit availability, albeit in a limited form. It is part of the March 30 preview release of Windows 10. Intended as a replacement of antiquated IE browser, Spartan carries many new features, not the least of which is integration with the Cortana app. That should care of the need for Windows live chat support quite well post Windows 10’s final launch.

Project Spartan will be going out on to a variety of Windows 10 devices, and allows interesting functionalities, such as letting the user annotate pages while they are on them. This is also accompanies by page sharing and minimal-ized reading options, which many have been dying for a try at.

On the Windows blog, they said that there is a new design underlying Spartan, which focuses more on the page and not the application itself. The Cortana assistant integration dispels any need to seek Windows Live chat support from outside the browser, also making it easier to search and browse. The US versions of Spartan will come with Cortana bundled, with other editions getting the same addition later.

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Windows 10 Browser

Spartan lets you ink your thoughts directly on to the page you are looking at, as well as put highlights on the important stuff you see there. You can also partial clip pages and send share these segments with other users or browsers. The clutter-free reading mode comes with a Reading List where everything you read gets stored for easy access later. The view itself discards any images or video elements to let you focus on the more essential content.

With the consumer rollout still a ways ahead, the software maker has nonetheless allowed enterprise customers keep using IE 11. It is hard for many to stop, since this is the native browser on operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. In Windows 10, the same setting can be achieved by using the group policy.

Spartan is still far from finished, though what testers can see right now shows promise. This program uses a different rendering engine from IE 11, apparently, and come the time this is coupled with the right hardware, we will be seeing some major improvements in the browsing domain. And this is further ensured by the fact that Microsoft is heeding tester suggestions to a great extent, so we know we’ll get something that many will like.

Universal Foldable Keyboard From Microsoft

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Windows Os Keyboard

One of the best things these days is being able to do your computing from wherever you like, even when it is inside the house. You do not want heavy devices and wires rooting you to the spot, because mobility is what this age is all about.

Attachable wireless keyboards are getting big these days, with every major manufacturer bringing out their own take on what people need at the time. The common element is that these use Bluetooth to connect to the controlled computing device, which is why there are now wires to bother with.

That is the main reason you will love the foldable keyboard from Microsoft. They have designed this to work with Android and iOS devices, and it contains a foldable structure, as well as a few tweaks over previous editions. Called the Universal Foldable Keyboard, this is their officially improved take on the famous Universal Mobile Keyboard. The latter makes use of Bluetooth connectivity to link to Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

What companies are trying to come up with, are keyboards that are compatible with not only different devices running the same OS, but also with different platforms. Since there is a huge pool of users running Windows OS, Android, and iOS on their devices, what is needed is a commonly compatible input option, which works with every major OS setup. This is one of the topics that will never grow old on Windows Live support forums.

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Windows Compatible Keyboard

The Foldable Keyboard, meanwhile has the same comprehensive connectivity, uses Bluetooth to link to the computing device, and can switch between devices when there is more than one being used at the time. The foldability, of course, makes this the crème de crème. When you open it up, its 11.61″ wide and 4.9″ tall, which is a bit larger than the older iteration. But fold it and you can size it down to less than the space the Mobile Keyboard takes up.

That one simply had a foldable cover for the keyboard, while this closes like a book. And the keys are water repellent too. You find discussions about the many things this will let you do, on Windows Live support forums online.

One thing this model does not have is a stand to fit the tablet device on to. The battery life is said to last at least three months on a single charge (via a micro-USB port), although this is less than the six months duration that boasted. The Universal Foldable Keyboard sells for $99.95, though this is high, considering the paltry battery backup.

Microsoft Claims One Million Users Downloaded Windows 10 Tech Preview

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The feedbacks that Microsoft received so far for the Windows 10 tech preview builds have been good. According to the experts at Microsoft’s Windows Live customer support number, no other Windows operating systems or their tech previews have received as much number of positive feedbacks as Windows 10. This is a good sign.

Windows 10 so far

Microsoft announced Windows 10 in September 2014. The first build of Windows 10 tech preview was released in October 1, 2014. The build codenamed 9841 gave users across the world a basic idea about the new operating system. The second build codenamed 9840 was rolled on 21st October, 2014. A few of the suggestions that users made after experiencing the first build were used for improving the second build. The addition of the notification centre was the major highlight of the second build.

Who can download Windows 10 tech preview?

Microsoft has restricted the availability of Windows 10 tech preview this time only to the members of the tech giant’s Windows Insider Program. Microsoft encourages all users who download and install the tech preview to send its feedback about their experience. According to recent statistics published by Microsoft, more than a million users from different parts of the world have downloaded Windows 10 tech preview through the Windows Insider program. The best part is that most of the users who have downloaded the tech preview have reverted to Microsoft with their feedback. Gabriel Aul, the engineering manager of Microsoft, tweeted “”Wow! We just received our one millionth piece of feedback from the Feedback app! Woohoo! #WindowsInsiders.”

Windows Insider Program

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The company admits that feedback it received from the users of the previous operating system Windows 8.1 was very helpful for it to develop Windows 10 in a different way. Windows 10 is exactly what Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are not. Microsoft is often observed with reiterating that Windows 10 is an entirely different operating system that didn’t share any commonalities with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Experts at Microsoft’s Windows live customer support number say that the Windows New operating system had been developed from a different angle. It was intended to provide users with maximum ease of use, interoperability and compatibility.

Microsoft hopes that Windows 10 will be an epoch making operating system in history. Users from around the world are thrilled about the new operating system and its release. Windows 10 will be released by 2015 fall.

Microsoft Working On Nano Server

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Smaller Windows Server

One of the things Microsoft is busy with is Server vNext, which they are planning to release next year. Meanwhile the company is also working on a small-sized server to take out the issues faced by those on cloud-based alternatives, as well as on the standard server version. These products are expected to come with Windows live chat support from the tech giant.

A recent leak by the infamous WZor shows a threadbare deployment version of the new software server, which is currently called Nano Server. This is supposed to be the next big thing in cloud OS and infrastructure. Some of the slide show complaints from users about having to reboot their systems after patches failed to apply rightly, when they tried this with rarely used components. Also common are protracted and disruptive reboots.

Nano Server, meanwhile, is meant for cloud infrastructure, and supports only “born-in-the-cloud apps”, such as PaaSv2 and ASP.NET What the product is aiming for is a minimal footprint left after operations rendering, while apps and optional features would be housed outside the platform. Nano Server includes Core PowerShell, which the user can access while on the move. This allows system admins the chance for remote management or automation. There is a lot of PowerShell used in the new product, with PS language compatibility, and support for cmdlets written C#, PowerShell, and CIM.

Windows Server Preview

Nano Server Support

Since this would be operated without the benefit of a GUI, the remote management will include a slew of local tools, like Task Manager, Registry Editor, Event Viewer, File Explorer, Performance Monitor, etc. There will also bet the option for remote debugging with this option, which is great news for coders.

The smaller size allows for faster startup and deployment, and the lack of a sizable footprint means that this will require less in the way of resources, as opposed to a full server. This is also way more secure since the attack surface is much smaller. Microsoft is saying that there will also be a higher density for container-based apps and micro-services.

Expected to be like other services with Windows live chat support, this server is set to hit release in the form of a limited TAP preview early this year. But the company made it clear that this won’t be included with the Windows Server Preview.

Learn To Fix App Store Errors In Windows 8

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                               Windows 8

It has been two years post the release of Windows 8 operating system, which is one of the touch centric ecosystems developed by Microsoft. Most of the Windows 8 users have upgraded their systems from Windows 7 computers while the others directly purchased the OS. Though Windows operating system has plenty of impressive features in it, it can run into potential issues at times. According to Windows Live technical support desk, users faced many issues when they upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Apart from the Windows App store issue, another persistent issue was related to Wi-Fi. Windows 8 was not able to search for Wi-Fi drivers in the laptop as it normally would. On the other hand, the laptop was able to connect to the internet with the help of the Ethernet cable. But then, this issue can be resolved by downloading the drivers from the official website. You need to look for Windows Wi-Fi drivers in the website, and download and install them manually in the laptop.

Microsoft Support

                          Windows 7 Help

Though most of the other issues including the Wi-Fi issues were easy to resolve, one of the issues that was a tough to crack was the issue with the Windows App Store. A couple of people who had issues with the Windows Store apps were very frustrated about the same. Windows users were mocking the OS support when they came up with such issues that forbid them from using the Windows Store properly.

Even then, people did not give up and started to work on such issues. Some of the users tried to login with their Microsoft accounts rather than the administrator login ones, with which they usually used to browse apps in Windows Store. This seems to do the trick for most of them. After this suggestion, some of the posts that followed said that the issue with the Windows Store was resolved.

Next, they had to make changes to the time setting. To make changes to the date and time, click on the Windows Desktop tile on the Start Screen or press the Windows and D keys together. To the bottom right corner of the screen, choose the Change Date And Time option, this will let you make changes to the time and date. Ensure that you enter the correct values. Click on the Internet tab to make changes to the time zone.

With the help of these tips from the Windows Live technical support desk, you must be able to fix the issue with Windows Store. Else, contact the official Windows tech support desk.

Instructions To Use Hotmail In KMail

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                   Windows Live Mail

Users of the Hotmail email service from Microsoft know that the Post Office Protocol, generally used as POP, allows the users to download emails from the email server. After downloading these messages to your computer or mobile device, the user will be able to read them anytime. The email server will be owned by your Internet Service Provider or ISP. Users of the service also have the option to send and receive email messages making use of the Windows Live Mail or Hotmail accounts in KMail. This can be achieved by configuring the KMail service to use POP. The Windows Live help tips that are shared below will help you to configure KMail service in Hotmail.

Instructions To Receive Email Messages

  • Select the Settings button that is located at the top menu bar. Choose Configure KMail from the drop-down menu that appears to reach the Configure – Kmail dialog box.
  • Choose Accounts from the left pane and then click on the Receiving tab. You can then click on the Add button that is located on the right side.
  • Scroll down the list and then click on the POP3 Email Server to open Account Type: POP Account dialog box.
  • Select the General tab and then type in Hotmail or any other name that you wish to call your account in the Account Name box. Type in in Incoming mail server tab and type in your Hotmail Username in the Username box. Now you will need to type in the password into the Password box.

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  • Select the box that is placed near to Enable interval mail checking if you wish the KMail program to check your otmail account auHoHotcvfgdfghrtrefgHotmail account for new email messages.
  • Select the Advanced tab and then scroll down to the Connection Settings area. Click on the button located near to SSL/TLS if you need Encryption. Make sure that the box near to Port is marked 995 and the one that is located near to Authentication is marked Clear Text. If you find that the values are different, add these values.
  • Click on the OK button and you will return to the Configure KMail dialog box.

These are the simple steps to configure Hotmail in KMail without any issues. If you would like to know more on the steps that are discussed above, you can contact the Windows Live help and support team.

Skype Chat Service Vs Google Hangouts

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Skype Chat Service

There was a time when Skype was big, and almost everyone flocked to it. But even before Microsoft acquired it, the chat service was rapidly being brought down by more popular competitions like WhatsApp. Skype was mostly used by home computer owners, and it was a popular option for people to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as with new friends they made online.

This has changed, and the majority of those using Skype are businesses. The one thing that makes it appealing is the free video conferencing provision. But Google’s Hangouts is offering the same thing, and this may spell disaster for the clunkier Skype.

Group support

Skype lets you add upto nine people at once while holding a video chat. This isn’t part of the free package however; in the SU, this costs a monthly 4.99 dollars for the subscription. For companies this is still a bargain, because the calls offered are unlimited, and there’s also group screen sharing. Another thing is that this gives you access to Live Chat assistance, similar in many ways to Windows Live chat support.

Google’s Hangouts allow for the same number, but with the added benefit that it’s available for free. If you’re simply looking to converse with a large number of people, then there’s Hangouts On Air, which can be streamed live on your YouTube channel or your blog.

Platform compatibility

Skype can be run on many devices which have XP or older OS, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu. It works with browsers like the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Hangouts has pretty much the same compatibility range.


Live Chat Assistance

Skype Chat Charges

Skype lets you make free calls between clients, but calling a phone would require setting up a monthly subscription. This costs 2.99 dollars per month in the US and Canada, at a call rate of 2.3 cents per minute. The Unlimited World plan lets you make calls to 8 countries, to landline as well as mobile phones, at 13.99 dollars per month.

Google Hangouts lets you call other users free of charge, or make free calls inside the US and Canada using a Google Voice number. For landlines and mobiles, you’d be charged the local rates in the country you’re calling to.

Skype scores in regards to the Live Chat option, which is similar to the Windows Live chat support service. You may find more information on Skype call charges from the official website.

Why Is Windows 8 Not As Bad As Windows Vista

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Windows Operating Systems

We all know that Windows 8 operating system was a big flop. The operating system had many flaws like the absence of a few features, difficulties in accessing some features etc. that made the operating system a failure. So, is the operating system really a big flop? According to experts, it is not as big a failure as Windows Vista operating system that was released before Windows 7.

According to Windows live support, one of the major points to keep in mind is that Windows 8 operating system works well only with touch screen devices. However, majority of the users who had a bitter experience with the operating system were working on the traditional PCs, which do not have touch screen capabilities. That means, if you use mouse and keyboard to input things to the PC, you may not fall in love with this operating system. However, those users who use touch screen devices along with this operating system say that they do not wish to switch back to any of the traditional operating systems.

With the touch screen interface being the major attraction of the operating system, you need to harness it to fully understand and experience the features of the operating system. Many experts are also of this view. There are many supporters for the operating system. Jim Wong, the president of Acer, has a similar opinion. He says, “Personally, I have found the touchscreen to be a welcome addition to personal computers and I’ve often find myself wishing I could touch my MacBook Air’s screen to flip through photo galleries and play iOS-style touchscreen games.” The new OS provides all these functionalities to the users.

Windows 8.1

Windows OS Upgrade

Therefore, with all the features of Windows 8 operating system, it cannot be even compared to the Windows Vista operating system. Keep in mind that Windows Vista is considered as the worst operating system from Microsoft. After the release of Windows 8, many people were comparing Windows 8 to Windows Vista. Now, Microsoft released Windows 7 to rectify the faults with Windows Vista. Similarly, Microsoft has come up with Windows 8.1, with many changes and additions to the program. With the introduction of an updated OS, Microsoft has been successful in addressing some major issues with the program. This includes the ability to boot to any interface the user wants and the addition of the Start button etc.

If you require any help with the Windows 8 operating system, you may contact Windows Live support or our technical support team.