Steps To Fix Audio Issues In Windows Live Messenger

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There are many chat tools available today and one of them is Windows Live Messenger. The program has numerous features that allow making communication with your loved ones easier and fun filled.

According to Windows Live technical support desk, the program is not merely intended for the chat functions. It also allows users to make video calls, audio chats, text etc. However, in order to make video calls and audio chats, your computer should have a headphone with mike and webcam attached to it.

Windows support says that you might encounter some issues with the program. While making video calls, you might find that the audio is missing. With this, you will have to revert to chat messaging, which will slow down your communication. However, you can fix this issue with a few simple steps. In this post, we will find out how to fix this issue.

Check the speakers

Before you initiate any troubleshooting steps, check the wires of the speakers. Sometimes, the wires may not have been connected properly. One of the best things to do is to unplug the wires and connect them again. Also, check if the power button is on.

Check volume in the computer

You might have muted the audio unknowingly and it is therefore, worth to look at this. For this, go to the desktop screen of your computer and click the arrow found at the right bottom corner of your screen. Click the button with the speaker icon and increase the volume in it.

Check your internet connection

In order to make video calls with high quality audio, you need to have a good broadband connection. If you are using the traditional dial up connection, the internet speed might be very low and this could restrict the audio during the communication.

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Disable firewall

Sometimes, the firewall of your operating system or your antivirus program can block the transmission of audio with the program. Therefore, disable the firewall and check if the issue is resolved.

Close other applications

Some of the applications running in the background might be causing the trouble. Find if there are any programs running in the computer that make use of audio. If there are any, close them and check Windows Live Messenger again to see if the issue with audio is fixed.

With the above steps, you can fix the audio issues in Windows Live Messenger. For further assistance, you may contact Windows Live technical support.

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Steps To Initiate A Video Call On Windows Live Messenger

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Windows live Messenger can be termed as an instant messaging client that is compatible with Windows, Xbox 360, Java ME etc. Developed by Microsoft, this messaging application was marketed under MSN branding until 2005. The program also comprises of several interesting applications that include an album viewer, social networks integration, ability to do offline messaging etc. There’s also a dedicated tech support team that goes by the name Windows Live support where the technicians troubleshoot and fix all the issues related to this instant messaging application.

With this interesting application, it becomes easier for the users to connect and communicate with their family as well as friends. Also, the amazing options in this program enable people to share photos and media files over a network. Microsoft also offers free updates for Windows Live Messenger that includes security updates and enhanced features to provide a convenient and sophisticated messaging experience to the users.

A great option in Windows Live Messenger is the Video Call feature, which helps the users to stay in touch with their friends and relatives who live far away. However, some users face issues in making a video call and end up contacting the windows live support technicians to fix the issue.

For initiating a video call in Windows Live Messenger, you can use the following instructions:

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  • In the first step, you need to sign in to your Windows Live Messenger account. Well, if you still don’t have the program, you can download it easily. Visit the Windows Live Messenger website to download and install the application in your system.
  • Next, you need to double-click a contact from your contact list. You will be able to see the Start a video call option if the other person has a webcam connected to his computer.
  • Now, you need to click on this option and wait for the person to answer. Meanwhile, if you’re getting connection errors, you can contact the Windows live support technicians to get more information on fixing the problem.
  • There’s also an option to maximize the chat screen. You need to click on the Full screen option to expand the chat window.

By following this set of simple instructions, you will be able to successfully initiate a video call with your friends or relatives. However, if you get any error message in between, don’t worry. Feel free to contact our tech support team.

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About The Windows Live Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver

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Xbox 360 receiver is not to be used with an Xbox console, but it is meant to be used on a PC. With the help of a USB cable, you can connect the Xbox 360 receiver to the computer. When you connect the receiver, the Add Hardware wizard will start automatically, to install the software you need to click on the same and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. It is possible to install the software from a CD drive as well. For related Xbox support, visit our online forum.

It is a time for Windows gamers to rejoice, as the wireless receiver for Microsoft Xbox 360 is now available for purchase at retail stores. From now on, Xbox gamers will be able to use wireless accessories from Xbox 360 such as steering wheels, game controllers, headsets and many more, which can be used in Windows XP and higher Windows versions. As a standalone unit, wireless receiver is available for 19.99 dollars. When bundled with the Xbox 360, wireless controllers are available for a price of 59.99 dollars. Windows live chat support is also available for Xbox 360 users.

Any Games can natively support Xbox 360 accessories wherever applicable, which sport a particular Windows Game brand. In addition to this, games that enable gamepad support will be able to change the button configurations with the help of the wireless receivers to accessories that come with Xbox 360. Some of the launch titles that are included with the Games for Windows for Windows Vista later this year are UNO, Halo 2 and Shadowrun. A wireless headset along with wireless receiver will let Windows users talk to other gamers on Xbox 360.

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Xbox users will also be able to chat with friends over MSN messenger and many other applications that accept voice as an input. Apart from other usage, the wireless receiver can be used to provide from-the-coach access to the Windows Media Center.

One of the best features of the wireless receiver is that it has the capacity to handle four wireless headsets and four wireless controllers all at the same time. The range is about 30 feet and it connects through a 6 foot USB cable to the computer. Moreover, this is the best gift for hardcore gamers.

In case you have any issues with connectivity or with the console, you can get help from the Windows live chat support desk for apt Xbox support.

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Microsoft Won't Give Up On Games For Windows Live

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Games for Windows-Live is a feature introduced by Microsoft, released along with Windows Vista and Windows 7. This represents a standard technical program certification that includes online services for Windows Games. It is focused on bringing a regulation for the PC Game market; just the same way console manufacturers regulate their platforms.

Microsoft stated strongly that the PC service Games for Windows-Live service would stay, it reaffirmed that it would not ditch the service. Hence, Windows Live support would be there for Games for Windows-Live. Microsoft would continue to render support for Games for Windows Live platform but then they are also making investments on apps designed based on the metro style.

Until now, for all including core PC gamers, Microsoft has launched Microsoft Flight and Age of Empires Online. So count yourselves lucky in this regard. Earlier when Windows 8 tested Xbox Live functionality on it, it lead to several questions among everyone including the tech savvy mothers, if the latest operating system needs new Games for Windows-Live. Namco Bandai, off late met huge conflicts, when Dark Souls PC announced that they supported Games for Windows-Live. About 20,349 users filed a petition to get Games for Windows-Live removed from the game.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director and producer of Dark Souls responded that they were fully aware of the issue and the petition filed. Namco Bandai added that there would be an announcement very soon associated with this petition and removal of the Game.

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The petition associated with PC edition of Release Dark Souls without GFWL, said that the service was unpopular, which was also difficult to use. Users also said that the services and online support were not trustworthy. The worst thing was that it is an easy target for hackers.

Games for Windows Live features a number of additional options for customization and interactive gameplay; achievements are earned during the game. It shows up a list of friends like around 100s along with a list of friends the gamer chooses. There is another list of players, which the gamer has met recently. The list shows almost 50 of them. People can report about other gamers not abiding the Terms of Use mentioned in a complaint system. There is a feature to carry out chat through text as well as voice.

Windows Live support is available for all kinds of issues related to games. The availability of a number of new game titles in Games For Windows Live has made it even more attractive for hardcore gamers.

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Get Xbox Live For Free

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Xbox Live can be termed as an online multiplayer gaming service developed by Microsoft for the Xbox One users. Some of the main features of this advanced application include video chat options, party chat, video Kinect, online multiplayer gaming as well as streaming videos and viewing the shared content. Xbox Live can also be dubbed as a competitor to the PlayStation network as well as the Nintendo Network. There’s also a dedicated customer service team by the name Windows live chat support that can be contacted anytime to get all the issues related to Xbox Live fixed.

Xbox Live comprises of a number of advanced options that provide an interactive gaming and multimedia experience to the Windows users. The features enable the users to compete with other online users and during this the person can also listen to music and chat with other users. Along with these options, the users can also create their own avatars with gamertags using the Xbox Live feature and also connect with their friends on social networking sites.

However, many users often call up the Windows live chat support services to know how to get Xbox Live for free. Getting the feature for free is not a complicated process. If you want to get the same, please follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • You need to first sign up with a website that provides the free service upon completion of certain instructions. There are numerous websites available on the internet, which offer this feature.
  • Once you sign up, you need to perform certain tasks and these may involve participating in surveys, no-charge offers, trial offers, low cost offers and credit card offers etc.

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  • After the offers are completed within the stipulated period, you will be awarded credit points and based on these, your eligibility for free Xbox will be determined.
  • Nowadays, most of the free Xbox live programs have referral options available where participants can refer others in order to receive more points. But while doing so, you need to make sure that affiliate links and codes are correctly provided to the person.
  • In such websites, spamming, fraud and unacceptable use of social networking sites are discouraged and if these are detected, the candidate gets automatically disqualified.

By following these instructions, you can get Xbox Live for free. To get more information on the same, you may also contact our tech support team.

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