Skype Chat Service Vs Google Hangouts

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Skype Chat Service

There was a time when Skype was big, and almost everyone flocked to it. But even before Microsoft acquired it, the chat service was rapidly being brought down by more popular competitions like WhatsApp. Skype was mostly used by home computer owners, and it was a popular option for people to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as with new friends they made online.

This has changed, and the majority of those using Skype are businesses. The one thing that makes it appealing is the free video conferencing provision. But Google’s Hangouts is offering the same thing, and this may spell disaster for the clunkier Skype.

Group support

Skype lets you add upto nine people at once while holding a video chat. This isn’t part of the free package however; in the SU, this costs a monthly 4.99 dollars for the subscription. For companies this is still a bargain, because the calls offered are unlimited, and there’s also group screen sharing. Another thing is that this gives you access to Live Chat assistance, similar in many ways to Windows Live chat support.

Google’s Hangouts allow for the same number, but with the added benefit that it’s available for free. If you’re simply looking to converse with a large number of people, then there’s Hangouts On Air, which can be streamed live on your YouTube channel or your blog.

Platform compatibility

Skype can be run on many devices which have XP or older OS, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu. It works with browsers like the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Hangouts has pretty much the same compatibility range.


Live Chat Assistance

Skype Chat Charges

Skype lets you make free calls between clients, but calling a phone would require setting up a monthly subscription. This costs 2.99 dollars per month in the US and Canada, at a call rate of 2.3 cents per minute. The Unlimited World plan lets you make calls to 8 countries, to landline as well as mobile phones, at 13.99 dollars per month.

Google Hangouts lets you call other users free of charge, or make free calls inside the US and Canada using a Google Voice number. For landlines and mobiles, you’d be charged the local rates in the country you’re calling to.

Skype scores in regards to the Live Chat option, which is similar to the Windows Live chat support service. You may find more information on Skype call charges from the official website.

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Why Is Windows 8 Not As Bad As Windows Vista

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Windows Operating Systems

We all know that Windows 8 operating system was a big flop. The operating system had many flaws like the absence of a few features, difficulties in accessing some features etc. that made the operating system a failure. So, is the operating system really a big flop? According to experts, it is not as big a failure as Windows Vista operating system that was released before Windows 7.

According to Windows live support, one of the major points to keep in mind is that Windows 8 operating system works well only with touch screen devices. However, majority of the users who had a bitter experience with the operating system were working on the traditional PCs, which do not have touch screen capabilities. That means, if you use mouse and keyboard to input things to the PC, you may not fall in love with this operating system. However, those users who use touch screen devices along with this operating system say that they do not wish to switch back to any of the traditional operating systems.

With the touch screen interface being the major attraction of the operating system, you need to harness it to fully understand and experience the features of the operating system. Many experts are also of this view. There are many supporters for the operating system. Jim Wong, the president of Acer, has a similar opinion. He says, “Personally, I have found the touchscreen to be a welcome addition to personal computers and I’ve often find myself wishing I could touch my MacBook Air’s screen to flip through photo galleries and play iOS-style touchscreen games.” The new OS provides all these functionalities to the users.

Windows 8.1

Windows OS Upgrade

Therefore, with all the features of Windows 8 operating system, it cannot be even compared to the Windows Vista operating system. Keep in mind that Windows Vista is considered as the worst operating system from Microsoft. After the release of Windows 8, many people were comparing Windows 8 to Windows Vista. Now, Microsoft released Windows 7 to rectify the faults with Windows Vista. Similarly, Microsoft has come up with Windows 8.1, with many changes and additions to the program. With the introduction of an updated OS, Microsoft has been successful in addressing some major issues with the program. This includes the ability to boot to any interface the user wants and the addition of the Start button etc.

If you require any help with the Windows 8 operating system, you may contact Windows Live support or our technical support team.

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PTDE Ditches GFWL Completely

Windows Live Support

Windows Live Help

The Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition staff have recently made it clear that the game and gaming company is officially taking itself away from Games For Windows Live (GFWL). Because of this, the company is taking various things such as save games, achievements and multiplayer features from the nearly forgotten DRM service and moving them to a newer service. Soon the transition will  be made for users to move over their save games and achievements from Games For Windows Live (GFWL) to Steam.

For those who are not aware, Windows Live support desk would like to remind that Games For Windows Live, was originally supposed to close down this year on July 1st, as per the announcement made last year concerning other services shutting down, which included the popular Age of Empires Online and the Games For Windows Marketplace.

Users, most of them, were actually hoping that the online gaming service Games For Windows Live would stop since it can only be described as a utter bane to the gaming community after supporting for it looked really scarce and parse. Actually, when the news spread that Games For Windows Live was shutting down, the only thing users could hear was silence.

Games For Windows Marketplace

Windows Support

Not until the 1st of July did the software giant found it necessary to state that they would not be totally removing Games For Windows Live from the list of existing Microsoft services. Many gamers and users feared that the titles did not convert from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks would be lost to the long forgotten DRM service’s blackhole when the plug is finally pulled on GFWL. However, fortunately, the software maker decided to keep up the servers for games that still need authentication.

Now, the July 1st shutdown notice triggered a lot of gaming communities for stepping up and petition developers for moving over their games from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks. The community just did not trust the Redmond based software manufacturer for their online service. Windows Live support desk points out that one of the popular games most requested for the leap was Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PTDE).

Most users would agree that there is no real advantage with having Games For Windows Live (GFWL) as a middle-man anymore. Even logically and practically, it just does not add any kind of functional service or real advantage to the end-users/gamers.

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Titles Continue Migration From Games For Windows Live To Steamworks

Windows Live Help

         Windows Live To Steamworks

There was a time when Games for Windows Live was a good choice for gaming service, for many publishers. Over time, things have taken a turn, and while the PC branch of their Live service might have been appreciated and even preferred in the past, neither is the case anymore. The company hasn’t done much more than stack Xbox on Windows Live, and that is a far cry from being enough.

How does ditching Games for Windows Live help non-Microsoft games? Well, for one, there are alternate services like Steamworks. This has a better distribution system, and offers much more advanced community interaction capabilities. It does about everything else you can think of, which is why it hasn’t started festering the way G4WL has. There’s no surprise at titles like DiRT 3 abandoning the scene. Everybody’s removing Games for Windows Live support, because there’s little sense in keeping this.

The latest Dark Souls is another title that’s leaving, and the mass migrations have already gotten underway. You can take all your saved data and achievements, so no part of all those gaming hours will have been a waste. Bandai Namco says this option will be available till February 16th, and after that Steam will be the default service for playing on. The G4WL integration is actually getting in the way of this, which is why many titles are removing that first.

Windows Live Support

               G4WL Support

FromSoftware has announced that the process will allow all users to move their save games from Dark Souls: Prepare to Die. They’re saying there will need to be some more testing done, to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If this works right, the user will have a free Steam copy of the game with the G4WL token, and the latter will be valid for the duration of the allowed migration slot. Past that point, you can still get a Steam pass, but you can kiss your G4WL save games goodbye. There have been no details given as yet about how long this migration period will last.

Stay updated on the migration process of Dark Souls to the Steam service, as well as other titles that are looking to make the change. Need Games for Windows Live help, or looking for new stories on gaming titles? Check out the latest posts and find the emerging stories in the gaming scene.

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Procedure To Work A Built-In Webcam In Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Technical Support

           Windows Technical Support

The world is coming closer and physical distances have stopped being a barrier due to the technical advancements that have happened over the years. Communication has become easily possible and that too, at cheap costs. The long-distance relationships, communicating telephonically and keeping in touch with the close ones, family and friends have become really easy.

The technology we are talking about is webcams and the teleconferencing software such as Windows Live Messenger. In the past few years, built in webcams have become the standard for most laptops being manufactured. Actually, even the most inexpensive, off the shelf laptops have webcams built in. The software maker provides the chat program as a free service. The thing is that it makes use of webcams and allows users to place and receive audio as well as video calls to interact with other Windows chat users. It is possible for you to set up built in webcam for working with the chat program in just a few minutes.

Here are the Windows live technical support instructions to guide you:


You need to click on the windows Start button in the lower left corner of your system screen and enter Windows Live Messenger.

  • Then, you need to press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Then, you can sign in with your Windows Live account information. In case you have not already signed up for an account, you will require clicking on Sign up and following the on-screen instructions for creating an account and sign into messenger.
  • Then, you need to click on the Show Menu button located near the top of the Messenger window. You will see that the button is unlabeled, but is located on the extreme right of the window. After that, go to Search Contacts box.

    Windows chat users

                   Windows Support

  • Then, you need to click on Tools menu and select the Audio and video setup.
  • After that, you need to click on the Next button on the speaker and microphone setup page.
  • Then, you need to select the built-in webcam from the dropdown box on the webcam setup page.
  • On clicking Webcam Settings, you can adjust the brightness, contrast and other visual settings. Then, click on OK.
  • Then, hit Finish.
  • You need to click on Show Menu icon, and then navigate to the Actions menu and then select Video and select Start a video call option.
  • When you double-click on the contact with whom you want to make a video call, you will be able to initiate the teleconference.

Hope this Windows live technical support guide helped.

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